For many teens and men, the decision to have plastic surgery in order to achieve the body shape and appearance they want can be affected by whether or not the cosmetic surgery is affordable in their budget. Dr. Jonathan Lebowitz, “The Authority in Gynecomastia Surgery”, does not want to see anyone deprived of the results they deserve simply because of cost.

Gynecomastia correction surgery is an investment in yourself. Patients often report results that are more than skin-deep, results that change every aspect of their lives. A well-proportioned, masculine chest can alleviate health issues and anxieties that a patient has dealt with for years, and the surgery often creates a rippling effect of self-confidence and overall satisfaction through the person’s life. Cosmetic surgery to reduce male breasts is not a vain or frivolous procedure; it is a statement of self-worth, a declaration of a man’s desire to reflect on the outside the man he feels like on the inside.


While the cost of a professional like a plastic surgeon can range, Lebowitz Plastic Surgery strongly urges you not to make your decision based solely on cost. Gynecomastia correction is a highly specialized, technically-difficult procedure, and you want someone with the most experience who achieves the best results. Remember that the lowest cost of something usually means that it’s not the best, and you deserve someone with top-quality training and results.

When you’re selecting the surgeon for your male breast reduction, investigate three important things to determine if the cost is worth the benefits for you:

  • Credentials and History. Find out what you can about the cosmetic surgeon, his training, and his experience. (About Dr. Lebowitz)
  • Testimonials and Reviews. Find out what previous Gynecomastia patients have said about the plastic surgeon’s results and their satisfaction with the experience of working with his team. (Dr. Lebowitz’s testimonials).
  • Before and After Pictures. Especially for gynecomastia surgery, take a look at the surgeon’s past procedure results for patients who had concerns similar to yours. (Dr. Lebowitz’s gynecomastia before and after pictures).


Huntington, Long Island NY gynecomastia plastic surgeon Dr. Lebowitz has a unique approach to reducing male breast size that provides patients with long-lasting, more thorough results. Dr. Lebowitz customizes the appropriate combination of fat removal, tissue restructuring, skin removal, and nipple repositioning that will give the best results, depending on the patient’s concerns and the extent and severity of the gynecomastia.

Men who have only puffy nipples or slight breast tissue will have a lower cost to their gynecomastia surgery than men who have more fat and tissue, which complicates the procedure and may require more extensive surgery. Dr. Lebowitz’s customized approach to gynecomastia correction ensures that each patient’s needs and expectations are met.

My fees encompass the cost and use of the office facility, Local Anesthesia, needed medical supplies, my Registered Nurse as well as my surgical fee. Any necessary garments and prescriptions, advised by me, will be the patient’s responsibility. We do, however, order all of the garments on behalf of the patients being treated at a discounted surgeon’s price. If an individual is receiving multiple procedures at once, a discount is typically deducted from the sum of the combined procedures performed.

  • Surgery facility fee
  • Surgeon fee
  • Anesthesia fee
  • Supplies for the gynecomastia surgery
  • Post-surgery follow-up visits

Dr. Lebowitz feels it is best to meet with each patient to make sure that the patient receives accurate, personalized information. Lebowitz Plastic Surgery offers consultations to every potential gynecomastia patient at his office in Huntington, Long Island NY.

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